Engineering Intern - (02515250)

Min Salary: $60000.00
Candidate Type: Full Time
Listed Date: 8/23/2017
Degree: Master ME, Bachelor ME
• Executed mechano-electrochemistry testing to monitor OCV during strain application
                  • Designed and fabricated three electrode test cell for in-situ experimentation
                  • Analyzed literature to design and implement novel experiments in strain engineering
                 Engineering Intern, Neptune Precision Composites                                                   Summer 2014
                  •   Fabricated mold master replacements used for production of aerospace parts
                  •   Designed, built, and tested a satellite de-icing prototype in collaborative effort
                  •   Researched and tested performance of acetone alternatives for use in production process
                  •   Researched additive manufacturing options and compiled recommendations
ENGINEERING      Water Desalination using Capacitive Deionization, VUSE Senior Design
PROJECTS          • Mechanical Engineering Design Lead
                 Satellite Reflector Deicing Panel, Neptune Precision Composites
                  • Lead fabrication; collaborated in design, heat transfer calculations, and testing
                 Miniature Light Lab, Mechatronics course
                  • Designed, constructed tabletop theatre light lab (array of fixtures used for lighting design)
                 Honeycomb Health CAD, Freelance
                  • Developed mechanism for product, created CAD models and drawings for prototyping
VOLUNTEER        Volunteer, Vanderbilt University Children’s Hospital                                               2013 to 2014
EXPERIENCE        • Supervised sibling playroom and visited inpatients
                 Office Assistant, Florida Poison Information Center-Jacksonville                                   2007 to 2012
                  •   Fulfilled hundreds of media requests
                  •   Maintained public education inventory and contact lists
                  •   Created and delivered child-friendly presentations about drug risk aversion
                  •   Provided direct public education poison awareness and prevention programs
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